Jeff Eagar __"Bass"
After graduating from Cape Breton U, Jeff left the country to gain perspective on the world and life. He likes blue, sushi, gorillas, poetry, beer, Zen, grandmothers, photography, Bang 7, flowers, jazz, tea, motorcycles, India, friends, freedom.


Chris Eagar __"Squids"
Chris enjoys life, and maintaining a healthy mind & body. He plays guitar, rugby, surfs, makes fine beer and whiskey, runs marathons, yoga, sunsets, and looks for new challenges. He can be found sailing, running, or relaxing with his Australian girlfriend.


Steve Eagar __"Krusty"
Being the youngest, Steve looks up to his older brothers. After graduating, it made sense to catch up with them to travel the globe. He loves laughter, genuine smiles, Bang7, camping, lifting weights and his motorbike.




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