Season One

Wagah Border, India
Three brothers, three wheels, one auto-rickshaw, in this episode we become auto-wallahs and self-drive our own auto-rickshaw into the heart and soul of India. We are entered in the Indian book of records for the longest auto-rickshaw journey ever made across India, and survived to tell the tale.


Lake Titicaca, Peru
We hitch-hike from the ancient Inca capitol of Cuzco at 3399m, down the spine of the Ande Mountains to Lake Titicaca. We get robbed, suffer acute mountain sickness, get mixed up with police, get high on coca leaves and meet some wonderful locals as we battle our way across the Andes.


Abisko, Swedish Lapland
Lapland is a frozen, winterland of reindeer, Sami people and suanas. We start in Stockholm and fly 200 kilometers straight north above the Arctic circle. Our chosen mode of transport for this journey is reindeer sleigh.




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